Close to my Heart


There are people in this world who are genuine unsung heroes. For me, they are the people who are there to support others during times of need. Many are them are the mums and dads of this world who do everything possible to give their children the best opportunities in life. Others are the siblings, sons and daughters, and close mates who are prepared to talk, listen and have a cry with when things get all-too-tough. And then, there are the organisations, such as hospitals, that are genuine life-savers. Of course, the list could go on and on (and so it should).

We live in such a world where so much scrutiny (as there should be) is placed on disreputable organisations … but we seem to neglect the simple act of recognising the reputable and honourable ones who need all the support they can get.

I’ve decided to kick-start a honourable list with an organisation that is extremely close to my heart. And I’d really love to keep adding to the list by receiving and posting any recommendations of organisations (small  or large) that have been (or continue to be) unsung heroes in your life.

Ambulance Victoria and Cabrini Hospital
Ambulance Victoria and Cabrini, Malvern … where I was born! Well, yes that is important to me. But of more significance, these are the organisations (made up of amazing staff – paramedics,  nurses, doctors, specialists) who saved my mum’s life when she had a heart attack. I looked (and still do look) at these people in awe. For them, they were just doing their job … that’s what they get paid to do. But for me, well, they do a job that is truly life-saving. How can there ever be a dollar value placed on that! It’s impossible to do … but if I could wave a magic want and make it so, it’s the life-savers in this world who should ‘earn the big bucks’. Thank you Ambulance Victoria and Cabrini … from the bottom of my heart.




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