Some people would probably say that I’m a shy, retiring sort of bloke … the sort of person who likes nothing more than having a cuppa while watching the footy or cricket on television. Whereas others may say that I’m somewhat quirky, a bit eccentric …and ALMOST a bit witty!

Well, the truth is (I think) that I’m really a combination of all that. Like everyone, I have good days and I have bad days. I am fragile, yet resilient. I drown in the lows and ride the highs. It is common for me to feel at the lowest ebb for 30 minutes and at the highest of highs for the next 30 minutes – a true rollercoaster journey. But isn’t it those contrasts of emotions that remind us that we’re alive and that we have feelings?

However, I’m still questioning … Is it possible to find a path in life that truly leads to a sense of fulfilment? Or to hear a voice inside shout with joy “I have finally discovered what I’m meant to be doing here”? Or could it be that happiness and that sense of fulfilment come from a genuine appreciation that some days are better than others … and that bad things happen no matter how much any of us try to stop them?

Regardless, I think it’s important to keep exploring and questioning in our own ways. There will continue to be ups and downs and twists and turns … and sometimes we are best served by talking about the things that are preventing us from moving forward. But as we can’t always – or in fact, often – have exactly what we want, perhaps we should become more accepting of the good, the bad and the ugly?  … and facing each day with a true sense of purpose and direction (regardless of the outcome) should be the goal.

I’ve decided to share my thoughts, emotions, experiences, observations, etc. as poems, short stories, drawings, and sometimes just as a bit of a rant. Some of them may resonate with you too. But if not, they may simply reinforce just how lucky you truly are … to have found an inner peace and acceptance about this whole thing called  LIFE. I’m still working at finding that sense of calmness – but some days I think that I’m getting closer and am ‘Neilly There’.