Tomorrow he will die


Yes it’s true. Tomorrow he will die. It will be his last day as a living being. After tomorrow he won’t lose sleep over his daily struggles, wake up and curse another day of work, or worry about the future.

There will be no future for him. So today he is excited. Today he can, and will, do whatever he wants to do. He will have FUN.

He will be honest with himself and others. He will ask for the things he wants and there will be no holding back. He will eat and drink whatever he wants. And he won’t give a damn about over-population, homelessness, unemployment, water shortage, world unrest … and he certainly won’t give any thought to the potential diseases that could kill him.

No, he doesn’t have to think, hear or care about anything ever again. He will no longer be brainwashed by the never-ending, always recycling news feeds of doom and gloom.

He only wished that he had known about his expiry date a little earlier in his life. How differently he would have lived!


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