Local Nude Day

The day had arrived, it was that time of year,
The residents of Taragon, got to take off their gear;

None of them bashful, as they strutted with pride,
It was Local Nude Day, and they had nothing to hide;

Their sports made fun viewing, they gave it their all,
The women enjoyed it, but the blokes had a ball;

Wobbly bits, firm bits, it was all on show,
But extra care was taken, not to strike a low blow;

When the games for the day, were done and dusted,
It was off to the Local, where the nude folk mustered;

From Shop Owners to Bankers, all in their glory,
Each downed some coldies, and reeled off a story;

Yesterday’s worries, were left far behind,
Of the 9 – 5 bullshit, and the tedious daily grind;

With drink-filled tummies, they rejoiced feeling free,
As  life without judgement, is how it’s meant to be.


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