Umbrella Squadrons

The skies are bleak, the rains pour down,
A scary day indeed, to venture into town;

Take a deep breath, and count to three,
Be calm and focused, as you need to be;

Umbrella squadrons, prepare to swoop low,
No warning, they attack, and strike a head-high blow;

Spread of dark wings, reaching far and wide,
Pedestrians they target, leaving some one-eyed;

Be aware, be brave, avoid showing fear,
Find courage within, be someone to revere;

Be wary of the spray, from their cumulous spit,
A mixture of water, and atmospheric grit;

Avoid direct combat, use mind, not force,
Attempts to fight back, would be futile, of course;

Dodge and manoeuvre, be agile on your feet,
Surge forward when you can, and at other times, retreat;

Soon you’ll be safe, and out of harm’s way,
Have faith in tomorrow, for a bright, sunny day.



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